Anxiety drags you away from your Dreams and Ambitions …
It sucks out your mental, emotional and physical energy …
You feel restless, skittish, jumpy; you end up losing friends …
You suffer
long nights filled with nightmares …
It deeply invades and conquers your mind
You haven’t an inch of brain space left for anything else …

>>>If you have been swamped with anxiety, this is for you. If not, maybe you know someone who is – maybe you would kindly send this to them, yes? Thanks!<<<

Here’s the truth: if you suffer from anxiety, and wish there was a way to stop feeling so entangled in worry and upset, I’ve got you covered.

Until not long ago, I was a worrying, doubting, cynical wring-your-hands person for much of my life. I was buried in what-ifs and yeah-buts and I can’ts. Because my natural energy is pretty intense, people would say to me, “Angela, you’re too much!” or “Calm down!”


What they didn’t get was I didn’t know -how- to calm down. I didn’t know -how- to get clear. They’d say ‘calm down,’ but no one ever showed me how to take my intensity and calm it down, never mind be able to redirect it and use it for solid, calm, creative action.

I finally found out, and I’d like to show you how, too. (Impatient? Get the videos HERE!)

So when each next beginning of something you have historically worried about rears its head up, you can greet it cheerfully, because you have a new way to deal with it!

No more dreading the anxiety. No more letting intense or heavy energy rule your life.

Once you see what to do,  YOU’LL HAVE THE KEY! You’ll be able to shift your terrible worries into usable, creative juice that supports you getting what you really want.

And after you get used to what I show you, you will finally get to the point where you simply won’t worry anymore – because you’ll know what to do instead of falling into the anxiety trap.

No more thinking about everything that can go wrong.
No more “I can’t ____ ,” and “I don’t believe ____ .
No more disabling thoughts that snare you and drive you into despair and paralysis.


You will know what to do next, and next, and next! You can start having more fun, be more creative, and actually DO the things you’ve always dreamed of but didn’t believe you could.

You will stop feeling so crappy, stuck and upset … and feeling bad about feeling bad!

Get the Anxiety into Creativity Videos now!


In these 11 very short videos (90 min total) I show you:
• How to halt your intense downward spiral into worry
• What to do with the scary, dread-filled energy
• The exact steps to turn that energy into getting what you wish!
• You can stop and start listening at your own pace

Get the videos for just $10.00!

Yup, just ten bucks. I want you to have this super-easy, life-changing system!

You know I love you!

aloha –

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QUOTE of the DAY

“A happy man is too satisfied with the present to dwell too much on the future.”
~ Albert Einstein


Angela Treat Lyon

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