Change Your Mind with EFT, the Basics, is just that – the basics.I take you through each step to show you how to successfully use this simple, fast tool for emotional, mental and physical freedom.

Tap right along with the many case stories of people I worked with who healed from years-long back pain, terrible psoriasis, and depression. There’s even one story where I helped a mom help her little girl not have tantrums anymore.

When you tap along with these stories, using the handy, specific phrasing included in the stories, you can relieve and even eliminate your own challenges, issues, fear, and pain, whether physical, metal, or emotional.

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Change Your Mind, the Advanced

Once you know how to use EFT, you’ll want to know the Advanced Tapping forms I introduce in Change Your Mind, the Advanced book. There are a few that no one else in the EFT world talks about.

Included are illustrations showing you the points; how to do surrogate tapping, tapping for prosperity, relationship improvement, emergency tapping; plus many more case stories you can tap along with.

COMING SOON: Change Your Mind with EFT, the Advanced.

COMING SOON: How to Use EFT, The Basics, for Pain.

COMING SOON: Cambia tu Mente: An introduction to using EFT in Spanish..



Want to eliminate your sugar and sweets carvings?

  • Imagine what it would be like to be able to look at sweets without a single urge to grab them and pop them into your mouth!
  • Imagine what it would be like to stop worrying about what eating all those sweets is doing to your teeth!
  • And what if you no longer spent a dime on sweets and candies!
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You’ll be really surprised how little it takes to eliminate your cravings for sweets.

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Did you know that you can not only stop the fears that get in your way – you can also transform the energy behind them into clean, powerful energy you can use for creativity?

I show you how!

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