Is it time to get your body back?

Are you like me? A balloon with clothing on two legs?
Do you really NOT like being overweight, and how you feel about your body, yourself, and how you look and feel?

Last week someone took a full-body picture of me. I was absolutely appalled at how enormous I’ve gotten. Until I saw that pic, I hadn’t really gotten how big I had allowed my body to get. I was so shocked.

I decided right then and there that I’d had enough of being huge. None of my clothes fit anymore. I can’t walk well. I’m tired – no, exhausted all the time, and bleary eyed, mush-brained … and have to pee every hour on the hour. Oh, and big awful skin tags and new moles! It’s just no fun.

I decided I’d do what it takes.

Because that’s what you do, right, to make heavy duty changes?

That included looking into really uncomfortable areas – like, diabetes (do I have It? Not?), insulin resistance (I know I have that! Do you?), hyper- and hypoglycemia, and other topics related to being overweight.

If you’ve been told you are insulin resistant. you will love the info I have found – it totally took the guilt away from my mind. It will yours, too, especially if you believed all the things people have said about you – you eat too much (I bet you don’t!) you need to diet (never!), you are a slob, lazy, stupid, and so on – which you are not!

Then I thought, I know a lot of folks who are in the same (sinking) boat – I wonder if they’d like to come along, too.

I decided that I’d put together a weekly tapping group
to support people who want to reclaim their bodies!

Support! I like having people I can trust to be on my side who I can talk to and work with on the problem areas of my life.

That’s what this group is about.

Here are a few details:

• Yes I will facilitate each meeting.
• Yes we will do some major tapping (in my faster easier style).
• Yes we will clear out old obstructive patterns from your unconscious mind.
• Yes we will tap on creating a new Way to Be and Live.
• Yes we will tap on clearing and removing what’s in the way of creating your new life.

• Yes you get to share your story/progress in the live meetings
• Yes you can be as silent as a mouse in every meeting, if you want.
• Yes I will provide useful info you can use to support your choice to change what’s going on with you.

• Yes a strict no-shaming policy will be implemented.
• Yes a there will be a zero proselytizing policy for methods or products.
• Yes a support-each-other-in-all-ways-possible policy is the foundation!

• Yes I will share some surprising info that will blow you away.
• Yes I will share more info that will
instantly help you feel better, less guilty or ashamed, and way more hopeful.

• Yes we will meet live once a week for 4 weeks (to start), and go from there.
• Yes there will be a low fee for each week, or you can choose an even lower by-the-month fee.
• Yes I will record each and every meeting so you can watch/listen later if you have to miss the live meetings (you won’t want to miss them!).


I have stopped eating sugar. It has taken 8 days. At first it was hard, but then I remembered to tap! The 6th day I was 100% off sugar. It’s the first thing any doc will tell you to do if you want to change your body.

I will help you eliminate added sugars, too. It will make your journey back to Body Beautiful SO much easier!

I intend for you to start feeling really good about yourself and your body – at last.
No more guilt.
No more shame.
No more feeling awkward, shy, angry, upset or helpless/hopeless/powerless!

And of course, as a result of new ideas, new habits and new ways to eat (that we will discuss), you will change how your body looks and feels.

That’s what I want for you. Are you ready to get that happening?


Do you feel the urge to get some support and create a different Way of Being for yourself and your body?

Yes? Then I invite you to click the huge red button below to register!